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Favorite thing on NG?

2008-04-02 06:43:54 by BrokeBalla

For my first post and bare with me people I do not know if this has already been done or not so if it has well I guess I will be doing it again. I would like to ask what is your absolute favorite thing on Newgrounds?


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2008-04-02 06:51:25



2008-04-02 06:54:59

Hmm . . . must be the stats. I love stats. Getting more and more of them.

BrokeBalla responds:

I think that it could very well be the, or I could legitimately be interested in what the more experienced users of NG find to be entertaining so that I could make my NG experience a much better one, but no really I think that it is that stats!


2008-04-02 07:31:38

Flashes of course, thats the main feature, except for Poogrounds day, then its a load of crap :l


2008-04-02 12:26:22

the flash and the music


2008-04-03 05:58:41

The community I guess, lmao.


2008-04-09 11:31:10